Regardless of how different each collection is, the process and preparation behind every launch always remains the same. It's the little details you try to perfect that lead to a satisfied end result. If you rush a process, you can expect the outcome to be a direct reflection of the hours you put into it. And when it’s all said and done- whether it’s satisfaction or regret - you really have nobody to blame except for yourself. 

I'm overwhelmed with an amalgamation of incredible anxiety, excitement, and anticipation every time I dive into a new collection because every drop brings a new flavor, a new story, and new styles inspired by various aspects of things I’ve gone through and things that I’ve seen. To me- the creative process tailored to every launch and look book has been and continues to be my absolute favorite aspect of running a brand. Why? Because it gives me the opportunity to bring my pieces to life and showcase things exactly how I originally envisioned it. Once everything is complete, it is then in the hands of the consumer to put their own unique twist and style on it. And that’s a beautiful thing to see..